Sandal seedlings (Quality Planting Material)

Quality Planting Material       

Quality of the sandal seedlings for sale at Parvathi Plantations, Bevenahalli. Polythene bag size: 5' X 8'. Plant height: Up to 1 feet and above.

Host plant: Red gram/Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan).

All the seedlings for sale have well developed haustorial connections for high survival rate and good growth in the field conditions.

Parvathi Plantations

General information on quality seedling production at Parvathi Plantations:

Before selecting the seedlings for planting, many aspects need to be considered for greater return. The selection of saplings with requisite quality is called 'Quality planting material’.

Important aspects which should be considered for sandal are:



. Source of seeds collection used for raising seedlings.

. Quality of the seedling at the time of planting material.

. Haustorial development of the seedlings.

Parvathi Plantations are proud to declare that we provide quality planting material stock of sandalwood seedlings raised in a scientific manner.

The genetic source of our sandalwood seedlings are from our own sandal plantations supplied by IWST and established as Model sandalwood agroforestry demo plot of Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore.

The sandalwood plantations have been raised based on the guidance of Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, who are pioneers in sandalwood research from many decades.

Our quality planting seedlings are raised from plantations which have been raised from quality planting seedlings a of proven genetic background, collected from known sandalwood plus trees or from the seedling seed orchards (SSO) or clonal seed orchards (CSO) of IWST.

Our seedlings are raised in the scientific manner with quality potting media in proper proportions along with the host in the polythene bags.

The host plant is added at the early nursery stage itself for early establishment of haustorial connection for easy establishment of the plants in the field conditions.

4 Year Sandal Wood Tree

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