Sandal based agroforestry demo plot

Sandal based agroforestry demo plot of 6 ha. have been established in our Parvathi Plantations at Bevenahalli from Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore. The demo plot was established in the year 2007 from the seedlings provided by the IWST under the National Medicinal Plant Board sponsored project. A very robust growth is observed in the last 4 years of plantations along with mango as secondary host tree. We are also been part of promotions of growing sandal in private farm land and have provided with our own personal inputs to the trainees who come to our field during the training programs conducted by IWST on sandal. Along with mango as secondary host, in initial years, red chilli and pigeon pea were planted as understory crops as agroforestry system with good returns (photographs available in photo gallery). A field visit to our sandal plantations would be highly desirable to have firsthand experience for any individual interested in sandal cultivation.

Economics of sandalwood cultivation

In sandal agroforestry, quincuncial design of planting is highly promising. The spacing also ensures cultivation of agricultural crops of understory low spreading legumes/ fodder / horticulture crops during the initial years. Sandal plants are expected to established and perform well in intercropping since periodic inter cultural operations can improves soil aerations and others soil physical chemical properties.

Economics of sandal cultivation can be calculated based on the following points;

• The yield of heartwood is estimated to be a minimum of 8kg, mixed wood 10kg and sapwood 21kg in the 15th year.

• Growth increment of 2-3cm per year has been estimated for sandal plantation in private lands.

• The price of heartwood is Rs. 5,000/kg, mixed wood Rs. 1500/kg and sapwood Rs.50/kg.

• 225 plants per acre will be accommodated @ 6x3m spacing.

• The establishment cost for one acre would be approximately Rs.56,750/-

• Returns of sandal would be minimum of Rs. One Crore after 15 years from one acre.

*The information on cost analysis provided may vary based on the individual inputs and the sophistications of implementation of the project. The profit amount quoted above is the lowest and with guaranteed returns. We do not quote exaggerating values. Based on individual requirements of the farmers and investors, we provide consultancy for sandal cultivation. We do provide service for complete set up of sandal plantations from land preparations, planting to management and maintenance for one year.

Establishment cost for one acre:
Establishment cost of horticultural crops

4 Year Sandal Wood Tree

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