1. Are there any varieties of sandalwood?     

Ans:   In India, sandalwood is commonly known for the species Santalum album L., the other species of sandal are present in other countries such as Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and etc., which do not yield sandal oil and are of less economical importance.

2. What is the extraction period of sandalwood?

Ans:   The development of heartwood starts as early as 8 years and increases further, but based on calculations and security reasons it is suggested for extraction at 15 years.

3. What are the government’s rules on sandal cultivation?
Ans: After the relaxation of rules on sandal cultivation in 2001, any farmers can grow sandal in his farm or also in individual home.

4. What are the owner ship rules of government on sandal?

Ans:   Every occupant or holder of land shall be legally entitled to the sandal tree in his land except where such sandal tree is declared to be the property of the State.

5. What are the government rules on extraction of sandal trees from private lands?

Ans:   If the tree intended to be extracted is a matured sandal tree, permission will be granted within about four months (The rules vary from state to state).

6. Which part of the sandal is the most economical value?

Ans:   The central core of the trunk called heartwood, which contains maximum oil and the root system has the most economical value.

7. To Whom we need to Contact?

Ans:   Parvathi Plantations are experts in Sandal Based AgroForest Model, you can reach us via call or message

4 Year Sandal Wood Tree

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